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Registration Employment Application Form

Personal Information

* Required item
Candidates staring numbers, passwords, classification code, take jobs, recruitment field, name, date of birth, gender, nationality, addresses, you can enter the phone number information.
Application Number will be given automatically once you submit the form.
The password must contain 8-15 digits uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters, numbers.
This will be for editing or confirming the application after submitting.
If you are interested in any of the options descried above,
please write the field in the remarks column below.(Researchers only)
Contact No.*
Fill in without space or '-'.
Human Information duty of the candidate's experience, qualifications license, whether women in science and technology, you can enter professional research personnel transfer information if desired.
Working experience at KASI more than 6 months*
Human Information punishment of the punishment of the locations of candidate information, you can enter the penalty date information.
Criminal record*
Personal information of candidates with disabilities of information input, can be a certificate Resources, CV attached.

Application This application form is only for faculty positions. For the postdoc applicants, please use CV and Research Statement in a free style.

10M Limit
10M Limit


Education informaion - Final Education, Name of Schools, Major, Degree
Final Education Name of Schools Major Degree